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Mental Illness

Nowadays, there are many teenagers suffer mental illness in Indonesia. But unfortunately, it’s only a little people who know about this medical disorder.

Based on www.responseability.org, in 2004-2005, there were 8,013 hospitalizations among young people for mental and behavioral disorders.

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And data from World Health Organization shows that about 800.000 people commit suicide every year, 86% of them in low- and middle-income countries. More than half of the people who kill themselves are aged between 15 and 44. Mental disorders are one of the most treatable causes of suicide.

Basically , mental illness is a medical condition which generally distracts somebody’s mind, feeling and mood. If we don’t care about this, off course, mental illness can give fatal effect to our body and soul.
However, mental illness can be different from one people to another. For example, if There is a person who once suffered it and could be recovered successfully, on the other hand, there is also unlucky person who suffers it over and over. That person is not successfully recovered and mental illness keeps haunting as long as that person life.
By the way, do you know what’s the worst of this illness?
I`ll inform you that Mental illness does not only give effect to its patients but also people in their surrounding.
Because actually, mental illness is such kind of general illness. And we should believe that illness always has its medicine so does mental illness. And It can be healed if the patients get the right treatment. And the only way to know what the right treatment is knowing the symptoms and what kind of mental illness that you have.
In this case, I’d like to tell you there are three kinds of it. 

1.      Anxiety Disorder
Well , it means that anxiety is not something new among teenagers. I`m sure that Everybody ever feels this. you will notice that Some students often feel this when they have exam or test. But the patient of anxiety disorder is different and sometimes it’s very extreme condition. It’s often followed by short breathing, uncomfortable stomach’s condition, feeling sad and labile condition.
And you have to know that Anxiety disorder is usually suffered by them who have high expectation and worry much about the past. Do you also feel like that?

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2.      Depression
I think It’s a normal condition if we ever feel sad but we should be aware if this sadness comes to us in such a long period or more than a week. Because depression is mostly caused by sad condition or tragedy. For example, if we loose someone who we love. At last  our brain could not be in a good balance. This is so scary, isn’t it?

And you have to know that Depression can give some bad effects, such as:
·         Extreme sadness
·         Too much sleep or on the other hand, lack time of sleep
·         Lost motivation
·         Can’t stay focus
·         Feeling desperate
·         Moody or oversensitive

3.      Eating disorder
You know that Mass media often publishes about eating disorder, but only few people know that eating disorder is related to mental illness. The patients have wrong perception about their own bodies. They are obsessed with ‘ideal’ body weight which is able to lead them into anorexia nervosa or bulimia. I think you know about that. And some signals of eating disorder are having  a little portion of eating, looks depressed, and obsessed with workout.

We have to believe with what the expert says that by having right treatment, patient of mental illness can be normal again. Its medication and treatment is based on what the type is and how bad the illness is. 

After knowing about the types of mental illness and each symptom, I hope we take more care about mental illness. If we realize that we have one of the symptoms, we should immediately do the right treatment. If we don’t know about it we can ask to the expert or psychiatrist.

Because actually Indonesia needs  healthy , talented and productive young generation who will make our beloved country becomes more prosperous and wealthy country based on Five Principle and 45 Constitution.

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